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Fire Alarm Systems


During a fire, every second counts. We can install a UL certified fire alarm system in your home or business that will alert you and the authorities to any immediate danger within moments! Do you have an existing system, but you are paying too much for monitoring? Contact us today and ask about how we can help. 


All of our systems are professionally installed and provided from major industry manufacturers. We can design your system to fit your every need and meet all NFPA regulations. 


Remember that a fire protection system can be more than just smoke detectors. We can integrate sprinkler system monitoring, carbon monoxide detectors, abnormal temperature detectors and flood detectors into your system.

AAA Protection Services 


AAA Protection Services is a division of Twiford Electrical Service which focuses on asset protection and life safety. We provide UL certified fire alarm and security systems as well as 24 hour monitoring! We also specialize in access control, which is the practice of identifying and controlling who may access your business, and when they may do so.

Security Systems


Security is about asset protection. Sometimes you do not even realize what your most valuable possessions are until they are gone. Don't become a victim. Let us secure your assets with a personalized security system.


We will develop a security system to meet your specific needs. We can provide your home or business with the top of the line technologies in security and asset protection. From basic door and window contacts, to motion sensors and surveillance cameras that are remotely viewable from your smart phone or tablet. We can install and monitor it all!


Looking to install both a security system and fire alarm system? We can provide you with a combination fire and security panel, and monitor them together!

Access Control


We can help you to control who, when and where people can access your facility. Access control can be one of the most important assets to a commercial or industrial facility.


We can help you secure anywhere from 1 to 128 individual doors at your facility. By restricting and controlling access to a specific door you can maintain a high level of safety and security at your facility.


We are also able to assist you in developing a detailed log as to who and when someone accessed a specific area of your facility.


Do you have sensitive materials that you need to keep safe?  Are you dealing with potentially hazardous materials that you need to keep others safe from? Then Access Control could be your best option, contact us today!

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