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Twiford Electrical Service is your premier full service electrical contractor in eastern PA. Whether you are in need of high voltage bucket truck services, are looking to upgrade your old lighting to LED, or you are looking to protect your business with a new fire alarm or security system, Twiford Electric can help!

High Voltage
T.E.S. Energy
AAA Protection Services

We can service all of your high voltage needs from 480v to 35,000v. We offer bucket truck services and our professional staff is fully trained in all safety regulations including OSHA and MSHA.

Are you worried about energy costs and are not sure who to turn to? We can help! We offer energy audits, lighting design, layouts, and retrofit services. Contact us to find out more about what T.E.S. Energy can do for you!  

AAA Protections Services offers access control, UL Certified fire alarm and security system installations, with 24 hour monitoring services. Find out more about AAA Protection Services in the links above!


Twiford Electrical has been servicing commercial and industrial facilities for 30 years. It is our business to keep your business up and running. Call us today!

24 Hour Emergency

Do you need an electrical contractor for a new construction project, existing facility renovation, or electrical service upgrade? Then contact Twiford Electric today for a free consultation.

For 30 years Twiford Electric has been servicing and maintaining all variety of facilities including: manufacturing, food & beverage, healthcare, colleges, wastewater treatment, military, transportation, railroad, quarry, agricultural, commercial, and more.

We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Is your manufacturing line down? Your emergency is ours! If you have an electrical emergency at your home or business, contact Twiford Electric right away!

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